September 28, 2014

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

This is supposed to be a teal galaxy.  I was really proud of it, unitl my Mom asked if it was supposed to be inspired by the movie Frozen!?!  What?  Clearly those are stars and not snow flakes.  *Sigh*  Well, it is a good base idea for December. . .

Seriously though, I am really proud of how this looks.  I really love pastel galaxies and I think the teal is a solid idea.

The colors are Nina Ultra Pro French White, China Glaze The Outer EdgeEssie Where's My Chauffeur?, Julep Lissa, Liz, Misti, and Esmerelda

TOE isn't as apparent as it is in the pictures.  It really is a cool glitter and I like the effect it gives in this manicure and another I wore, but didn't snap picks of. . .

Well, I hope you all like it and don't think too much of Frozen when you see it.


My Teal Toes

So I finally took pictures of my Teal Toes!  My Brother and I went to Sunset Beach and I figured it was the perfect backdrop for toe pictures!

I took several shots, trying to get the best beach vibe and I whittled it down to four.  I tried to get it down to one or two, but I liked these too much. . . Sorry.  The polish is Cover Girl Continuous Color Electric Blue.

How are you supporting Ovarian Cancer?  What color of teal are your toes?


September 24, 2014

Darkly Teal

Teal comes in so many hues and finishes.  I am partial to bright, light, creams.  However, sometimes you need a dark gritty teal that screams strength and glamor!

That is what Julep Kristen is.  Isn't it stunning?

I love t each picture of this polish looks a little different, which is true to life.  Each lighting you encounter in your day shows another side of this polish.  It really is stunning and these pictures don't completely give it the justice it deserves.