October 29, 2012



There is only one more challenge after this and then it is finito!  It has been a fun ride.  I have learned a lot and it has pushed me to keep trying.  I will be sad when it is done.  I kind of want to do one for Christmas, but I am not sure if I will have the time.

So today's prompt was Trick-Or-Treat.  I originally thought about doing something candy related.  Candy is usually the reason everyone goes out with common phrase on their lips.  That really wasn't why I did it.  Yeah, what kid doesn't like candy, but I loved dressing up.  I am a theater person at my core and Halloween and being on stage are the only time society doesn't frown on looking like someone else.  Hence this manicure.

I think this design by I Have A Cupcake looks like little kids dressed for Halloween.  So we have a Mummy, a Witch, Dracula, Frankenstein, and a ghost.

I used a lot of different polishes.  The only ones not by China Glaze is the over the ghost to give him an ethereal shimmer, Sally Hansen Teflon Tuff Maui White Frost and the mummy's eyes, OPI Royal Flush Blush.  The others are White On White, Señorita Bonita, Liquid Leather, Trendsetter, Holly-Day, Sunshine Pop, Gaga For Green, and Stone Cold.

A close up of my thumb.

Some photos in the shadow.

 Well I will have one more Halloween manicure.  I am supposed to choose my favorite, but I have no idea what I am going to do. . .