July 28, 2014

Help Me Make The Music of The Night

This is another one of those sadder posts.  They don't happen too often on this blog, but life is bound to happen and what does art reflect?  Well, on June 24th my mentor and dear friend passed away.  She meant so much to me and helped shape who I am today.  Elizabeth Bossard, or as her friends called her, Boss, is a woman like no other.  She was my voice teacher in college and I am one of thousands she influenced.  She was a loud boisterous woman who's infectious love of life touched those around her.  She helped me find my voice.  I was shy and unsure of my vocal talent and she helped me be confident and know that music is not about singing pretty, but about touching those who you perform for.  I love her dearly and can't wait to hear her sing my name again.

So what does one do when they are unsure of how to honor her, create a manicure for her.  I did this a couple of days after she passed away from a heart attack, is just took me a while to post.

Boss is a classy lady and she loves some sparkle.  I also associate the color red with her so the color scheme was not hard to choose, neither was the stamping plate Konad M73.

So the polishes I used were Konad Special Black, Julep Ruby Slippers and Sally Hansen Big Smoky Top Coat.  I love the concept of BSTC, however it is a bit difficult to work with.  It is hard to get the sheerness level the same on each nail.  I know this is meant to go over polish and I probably should try that, I just love black on black so much.

I hope you like the manicure and I wanted to tell you all to never stop singing.


July 23, 2014

Here Comes The Sun

For this manicure I wanted something that said some summer.  These colors are so bright and happy I didn't think it needed much, but I did want something.  So I looked though my nail stickers and found these sunglasses.  I have to tell you I am a bit obsessed with sunglasses in general.  See. . .

So these seemed very fitting.  The stickers are by Bundle Monster.  The name is super long and not very descriptive, so you can find them here.  The polishes are Julep Linden and Dawn.


July 17, 2014

Painting The Roses Red

Hi.  Ummm. . . I haven't seen you for a while.  How is it going?  Anything new?  Me?  I'm doing okay.  I have been a bit busy, and have been enjoying my summer break.  One of the joys of working in education is summer break.  I have been doing nail art still and taking pictures, the blogging about it seems to be where I get stuck.  I am not going to claim a renewed vigor on my part, but I do want to try and blog again.  Plus I am just so proud of how this turned out that I had to share it.

So the design idea came from @lovessweetas.  It is almost an exact copy, but it is so cute I couldn't pass it up!  The main difference is I used black crystals and she used clear.  I don't have clear, but I do like the edge the black ones give the design.

The colors used were China Glaze Liquid Leather, Nina Ultra Pro French White, Julep Emerald City, and Tamara.

I am in love with Julep right now.  I really like their colors and being a Maven makes things very conveniant.  I also am rather impressed with their customer service.  I added a box to my monthly box and they sent the wrong one.  I called them up and they refunded me what I had payed for the extra box (due to it being out of stock now) and said I could keep what was sent by mistake!  So awesome!

The reason I bring up Julep is I used the Plie Wand to apply my polishes and to do the roses.  Can I say that thing is awesome!  It is a must for anyone who loves doing nail art!  *Shamless plug almost over* If you are thinking about becoming a Maven, click my link on the left and it will take you straight there and give me a little credit for recommending you.  Okay, I am done.  And for your patience, one last picture.

I hope you like the design as much as I do.  I love this hobby!