November 29, 2014

My Five Year Old Client

Have you ever had a five year old client.  Not only is it had do their nails because they have small nails and are wiggly, but they are also very particular, well at least Sue is.

I used Julep's Plié Wand to create the stripes.  It took forever for her to pick a stamping design.  I tried to to limit the number of plates and she didn't want any of them.  Finally I got out of her that she would like a butterfly and I showed her Betina B-10 that had two butterflies to choose from on it and she picked that one.

The polishes I used were all Julep.  The names are Emerald City, Marjorie, Tamara, Linden, and Catrina.  Oh, and Konad Special Black.

It is also difficult to snap pictures of nail art on a five year old, hence the funny pictures.  The design lasted a couple of days, but she loved it, so that is all that really matters.


I won some plates!!

So, I won Bundle Monster's newest set of stamping plates from their Halloween nail art challenge.  My winning design was my ghost manicure.  (Dude, that is a lot of links)  With the Holidays in full swing I haven't had a chance to really do much with them, but I did do this one before Thanksgiving and had not blogged it yet.

This was done with Julep Fazia and Konad Special Black.  The stamp was Bundle Monster BM-618.

I really love this design.  It is very classy.  Plus Fazia is awesome!  It is this amazing red and black duo chrome.

Like I said, I haven't had much of a chance to play with the plates, but this design worked really well.

See you all soon.


November 27, 2014


Here is the last manicure for the Fall-ing For Nail Art Challenge by the Challenge Your Nail Art Facebook Group.  Yes, I finished a challenge!  Wahoo!  (Now about their Christmas challenge. . .)

I really like how this turned out.  I am not sure I picked the right glitter polish for the accent nail, but it still works.

So the polishes are all China Glaze, well except for the Konad Special Gold I used for stamping.  Okay, the CG polishes are Call of The Wild, Electrify, and  Midnight Kiss.

I stamped with Bundle Monster BM-H13 and Winstonia W119.

Well, I hope you all like it.  Now to make pie and eat turkey.  Christmas challenge is next. . .


November 26, 2014

Pie Inspiration

I know I wanted to do another pie design and I wanted to base it on Pumpkin Pie for the Challenge Your Nail Art Challenge.  At first I did brownish-orange polish (OPI Schnapps Out Of It) and then dotted on a neutral polish around the cuticles to give the illusion of a pie shell.  I didn't love it.  I decided I wanted to re-do it, thinking I just didn't like the way I did the shell.  I wanted it more rounded.  Then I thought of the Ruffian manicure.  I have never done one and thought this might be just the occasion to do so.  So using Pumpkin Pie colors I came up with this.

When I first did it I was amazed with myself and then after wearing it a few days I wasn't so sure.  Now, looking back at the pictures, I like it again.  I think with this color combo and the neutral being close to the cuticle it makes for some weird everyday nail art, but seeing it in pictures, I am really happy with it.

I used Julep Zoe and Florence.  I used the Julep Plié Wand and that gave me so much more control with the polish.  There wasn't even much difference between my left and right hands.  Have I told you before how much I love my Plié Wand?  The last picture is in the shade for reference.

Until tomorrow!


November 25, 2014

I Like Pie!, Take Two

The second prompt for The Challenge Your Nail Art Thanksgiving Challenge is Fall Food.  I have done a cherry pie nail art before, but I wanted to do it again.  I really like the concept and I have seen others since and I really wanted to try it again.

I really love how this came out.  Unfortunately the pictures aren't as well lit due to the short fall days.  I came home from work did the nail art and couldn't find direct sunlight to take the pictures in.

So this was done by hand with Julep's thin nail art brush for the Plié Wand.  The colors are OPI Thanks So Muchness, China Glaze Kalahari Kiss, and Desert Sun.  Then I used a Essie Matte About You over the pie crust stripes to give it a more realistic contrast from the "pie filling."

I hope you all like this!  See you tomorrow with more Thanksgiving nail art.


One Leaf, Two Leaf, and an Acorn

Challenge Your Nail Art has a Thanksgiving Nail Art Challenge, and guess what I may be late on doing the first design, but I know have three of the four designs done!  I actually may finish a challenge!  Wahoo!

I love the colors and the concept of this design, I just wish the gold stamping popped a bit more.

I used Orly Decades of Dysfunction, OPI Schnapps Out Of ItNicole by OPI On A Gilt Trip, and Julep Gianna.  The stamping plates used are Bundle Monster BM-H12 and BM-H11.

I know the design are a bit hard to see, but they are leaves on pumpkins and an acorn.

Until next time I post (which will be very soon)


November 21, 2014


I am sure you all know I love mustaches.  So how could I pass up a chance to do mustaches the way the trend started, as a way to bring awareness to Prostate Cancer and Men's Health.

Orly Decades of Dysfunction is one of my absolute favorite polishes.  I have used it before with gold stamping and I am still a fan.

I used Nicole by O.P.I. On a Gilt Trip for the stamping.  I got the polish in a Ipsy bag.  The polish nice, but nothing overly astounding.  The designs are MASH M60 and Winstonia W109.

I hope you all like it.