November 29, 2014

My Five Year Old Client

Have you ever had a five year old client.  Not only is it had do their nails because they have small nails and are wiggly, but they are also very particular, well at least Sue is.

I used Julep's Plié Wand to create the stripes.  It took forever for her to pick a stamping design.  I tried to to limit the number of plates and she didn't want any of them.  Finally I got out of her that she would like a butterfly and I showed her Betina B-10 that had two butterflies to choose from on it and she picked that one.

The polishes I used were all Julep.  The names are Emerald City, Marjorie, Tamara, Linden, and Catrina.  Oh, and Konad Special Black.

It is also difficult to snap pictures of nail art on a five year old, hence the funny pictures.  The design lasted a couple of days, but she loved it, so that is all that really matters.


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