January 29, 2013

Adventures in taping!

I know in my previous manicure you saw me use striping tape, well that was not the first time.  As soon as it arrived in the mail from the glorious website e-bay I had to try it.  So I did a simple accent nails and I fell in love!

Nail Art Tape

I used OPI Don't Talk Bach To Me and China Glaze Champagne Kisses.  Nothing to write home about and as you can see from the tip wear I had worn it for a few days before being able to snap a picture or two.  Okay I took two. . .

OPI Don't Talk Bach To Me

Looking at these pictures reminds me that I need to take better care of my hands.  Close-ups are not forgiving and I need to give my nail art the perfect frame.  So I have been using coconut oil nightly for a week and am already seeing a vast improvement.  Cold weather and frequent hand washes really can do an number on your skin.


January 26, 2013

Sunday Stamping: Tape and Stamp

So I joined a new group on face book Adventures in Stamping.  So, every Sunday I will be posting a stamp manicure with a theme that comes from them.  I am really excited about this.  I figure it will help me improve in mt stamping abilities and use it in more imaginative ways.

So today's theme is tape and stamping.  I had a really hard time figuring out what to do for this and while I was driving home one day this week I remembered the show Clarissa Explains It All.  Clarissa's room in the show had floral wallpaper that she painted black square over.

So I used her wall for inspiration.

I used all China Glaze polishes.  The base color is Secret Periwinkle.  When I first put it on it was a beautiful blue, but with Wicked Style stamped over the top it brought out the purple tones.  Then I taped off the accent nail and painted it in Liquid Leather.  This is only the second time I have used striping tape, but I love using is it.  It is so much easier to use than scotch tape and building it up for thicker lines, what I did here, is relatively easy.

The stamp is Bundle Monster BM-306WS probably isn't the best stamping polish, but I don't think it was too bad.

I know it doesn't look exactly like Clarrisa's wallpaper, but I had just gotten SP and wanted to try it.

Well, I hope you like it.  If you have any improvement ideas, let me know.  If you have a moment, check out the other group member's manicures, they are amazing!


Vacation Nails.

I want to tell you about my vacation, however I made a promise to myself that this would be a nails only blog and I don't want to be braggy.  Yes, braggy. . .its a technical term. . . you can look it up. . . Anyways, let me just say that my parents are amazing and I never would have been able to afford this wonderful trip without them.  I really lucked out in that department.  I have always been close to them and the idea of spending a week with them on a boat in the middle of the ocean was in no way terrifying but rather exciting.  So, we went to Cozumel, Mexico; Roatan, Honduras; and Belize.  I wanted to buy nail polishes to commemorate the occasion which led me to find Belize and Cozumel by Nubar.  So when my Mom and I did our Mayan ruin tour in Cozumel we decided to do a little nail photo shoot on the beach.  It was a beautiful day, every day was beautiful!  So, without further ado, I give you our vacation manicures!

This is Belieze.  My Mom took the pictures and I loved how the first one came out.  The wave came upon us, but it turned out for the best!  Belieze is a bit sheer, but I don't think it is a jelly.  It did go on rather well and I believe this is three coats.  It is a bit bright for me, but for the tropical weather it was perfect.  However, a repeat wear might have to wait till summer.

My Mom's Tootsies!  She loves China Glaze Ruby Pumps.  I think it was this is her gateway polish and eventually I will make her a complete addict!

Lastly I give you Cozumel in Cozumel sand.  I love this jelly polish.  I think it is great with my skin tone and I have already worn it again, you'll see.

I had so much fun and I don't think I will ever forget it.  I want a repeat performance and am trying to build a nest egg so that in a few years I can pay for my own travel joy.  Nails and travel, Oh how I love them both!


January 20, 2013

Sunshine on my nails

While on vacation in the Caribbean I bought. . . nail polish.  Yep!  You know you are a nail polish addict when you can't go anywhere without buying it.  In my defense, this is pretty cool nail polish.  Have you ever heard of Del Sol?  They are a company that deals in products that change color in the sun.  Anything from shirts, to jewlery, to sunglasses, and even nail polish.

Well I bought five of the polishes on my cruise.  One of them is Del Sol Candy Cane.  It starts off white and turn dark pink in the sun.  An added interesting part of these polishes is that depending on the amount of sun you get different intensities of the what the final sun color is supposed to be.  The problem in photographing this particular manicure is the current winter sun.  Curse your lack of brightness winter sun!  So the first thing I thought to do with this polish was the traditional French tip.

So that is obviously indoors.  Here comes outdoors. . .

Isn't that fun?  It is not as pink as it was in the store, but like I said, winter sun. . .  I will be playing more with this and the other colors I bought.  Keep an eye out for it.