April 25, 2013

Matte about Dots

I now give you the last installment for this month's Tri Polish Challenge.  It has been a lot of fun trying to think of different designs for the same three polishes.  Next month I think I will be more creative.  It has been rather hard to think of things, but it has definitely challenged me and I can't wait to try next month.  So without further ado I bring you matte dots.

You know the colors, China Glaze Sunday Funday, Life Is Rosy, and Mimosa's Before Mani's.  Then I used Essie Matte About You over the entire design.

I really like this design.  I did something similar in December, but it still is a classic look.

I hope you liked it.  Take a look at the other participants if you have a moment.  They really are inventive.


April 22, 2013

Skittle Stamping

It is time for another installment of the Tri Polish Challenge.  Today I bring you a Skittle manicure with some stamping over it.  I used a Bundle Monster BM 322 in Konad Special White. The polish were, again, China Glaze Life Is Rosy, Mimosa's Before Mani's, and Sunday Funday.  I took pictures of both hands this time, so here is my left hand.

It is funny how completely happy with a manicure you are until you see it photographed and up close.  I think that is the thing to remember the most, that from a distance all manicures look great, but up close they are subject to their flaws and mistakes.  This always even more the case with a non-dominant hand's work.  SO here is my right hand.

Don't forget to have a look at the other participants.  Until next time!


April 20, 2013

A day to celebrate the Earth

Today's prompts from Adventures in Stamping is Earth Day.  I like how this evolved.  I started with knowing what I wanted my ring finger to be and then when looking through my stamping plates and polish all the other fingers came together.

I used all China Glaze  polishes except for Konad's Special Black to stamp with.  The other colors were Kinetic Candy, Gaga For Green, Sunday Funday, and Water You Waiting For.  The plates were Cheeky CH33 and Wistonia W104.

I hope you liked it!  I am sure it is not that original, but I still had fun.


C is for Caviar dreams

SO I saw another challenge and I thought it sounded fun.  It is only once a week and each manicure is themed with a letter from the alphabet.  I am starting at week C, but I might go back and do A and B later.  Erica's Nails and More is hosting the challenge (her Facebook).

I have never done a Caviar mani, although I have had the beads for a while, so I thought I would give it a try.  The beads are from Finger Paints and called Sweet Tooth.  The polish color is Sally Hansen Extreme Wear Coral Reef (405).

I am not sure I like this.  I know that you are supposed to put a top coat on after the beads, but I glopped it on to make sure they stayed and it doesn't not look good.  I am not sure if that is my fault or the top coat. . .

This will definitely need to be tried again.  I do like the color combination though and CR went on almost as a one coater.  I wonder if it will stamp. . .


April 17, 2013

Stripity Stripes

For today's Tri Polish Challenge from Crumpet's Nail Tarts I bring you the simple stripe!

This was achieved with some striping tape I purchased a little while ago from Ebay.

I used China Glaze Mimosa's Before Mani's as the base color.  I then applied the striping tape and did a layer of Life Is Rosy.  I know it is simple, but I really like it!  The color combination is very fresh and youthful.

LIR did photography a bit purpley.  This shot looks a bit more true to the in person hue.

I hope you liked this.  Stay tuned for more with these polishes.  Next for this challenge I want to do something similar to my retro orange and teal mani from a couple of weeks ago, so stay tuned for that!  Until next time!


April 16, 2013

Sunset Sponging

I did this design for Crumpet Nail Tarts' Tri Polish Challenge (those are two separate links).  The idea of the challenge it to do four different designs a month using the same three polishes.  Black, white, and glitters are freebies, so to speak.  So, it will be two designs this week and two next week and the will be posted on Tuesday and Thursday.  April we are supposed to peak a pink, orange, and turquoise.  I picked three colors from China Glaze's Avant Garden collection; Sunday Funday, Mimosa's Before Mani's, and  Life Is Rosy.  I may be cheating by using colors from the same collection, but I love these colors.

So I sponged on the colors to look like a sunset over Wet 'n Wild French White Cremè and then the clouds were done with a dotting tool in Dandy Lyin' Around, which is also a China Glaze color from the AG collection.

I got the idea from a Wistonia stamp, but when it didn't work stamping I decide to do it by hand.  SF is so hard to clean up!  Although that is not the first time I have had that problem with a turquoise.  I also need to work on my sponge technique or I should have don MBM on the tip, because it got lost in SF.

Well, I better go and get started on Thursday's manicure.  Don't forget and take a gander at the other participants' designs!


April 13, 2013

Spring Colors

Today's Adventures in Stamping challenge is all about spring colors.  Now, I know what you are thinking. . . "Oo!  Thank of all the pretty colors Fitz can do!  This will be so colorful and pretty!"  You are perfectly right, that is what I could have done and what I intended to do.  However, I got lazy and decided to count the simple easy manicure I did during the week as good enough for this challenge.

Like I said, easy.  I used Hard Candy Gummy Green and Konad Special White.  The plate was Cheeky CH44.

I really like GG and want to get the other colors in this collection.  They are so different than anything I have seen in traditional stores.  I would like to support independent nail polish, but I don't have the money to.  This collection gives me the uniqueness of the independent brands with a price I can afford.  One I day I will own Floam though!

I know that wasn't too exciting and I am sorry, but I have an awesome idea for my next manicure. . . I hope it works. . .


April 8, 2013

Adventures in Stamping. . . Belated

Well hello!  Long time no see!  How are you?  I am doing rather well, just busy.  I made my final move and am enjoying my new room.  Today was my first day back to work from spring break and I am exhausted!  Stupid migraines!  But, I promised myself I would get this posted and by Jove I will!

So, today's Adventures in Stamping is supposed to have an orange base.  I had no idea what to do so I flipped through my plates until inspiration hit me.  I landed on Winstonia W111.  I really liked the circle pattern, but I didn't want to use just orange.  I had read about a technique from Messy Mansion where you basically turn your stamps into custom nail stickers.  I decided to give it a try and fill in a few of the lines with a turquoise.

I love this technique and this manicure!  Consequently there are a few pictures, okay, five, but this is so much fun!

I used two China Glaze colors from the Avant Garden collection Mimosa's Before Mani's and Sunday Funday.  The white stamp is Konad Special White.

MBM looks a bit more orange in the pictures and in real life is more peach.

Clean up was a bit tricky as evidenced by my thumb and the design needed to be a smidgen wider. . .

I definitely will be using this technique again. . .and again. . . and again!  I think I may need to invest in a couple more stampers so I can do more than one nail at a time.  I didn't take as long for the polish to dry as Messy Mansion suggested, but it was a much simpler design than what she did.  Did I say I love this?


P.S.  Even though I have been absent for a while, I still did designs and took pictures, so I will be trying to blog those soon.