April 13, 2013

Spring Colors

Today's Adventures in Stamping challenge is all about spring colors.  Now, I know what you are thinking. . . "Oo!  Thank of all the pretty colors Fitz can do!  This will be so colorful and pretty!"  You are perfectly right, that is what I could have done and what I intended to do.  However, I got lazy and decided to count the simple easy manicure I did during the week as good enough for this challenge.

Like I said, easy.  I used Hard Candy Gummy Green and Konad Special White.  The plate was Cheeky CH44.

I really like GG and want to get the other colors in this collection.  They are so different than anything I have seen in traditional stores.  I would like to support independent nail polish, but I don't have the money to.  This collection gives me the uniqueness of the independent brands with a price I can afford.  One I day I will own Floam though!

I know that wasn't too exciting and I am sorry, but I have an awesome idea for my next manicure. . . I hope it works. . .


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