September 30, 2014

A Plethora of Teal Toes and a Hand!

All of September has been Ovarian Cancer awareness month, as you may have noticed from all my Teal Nail Art.  This is a disease that is very near and dear to my heart as my Aunt Lori lost her battle to it on May 13, 2013.  Ovarian Cancer sneaks up on you and being aware of the symptoms and knowing your body is the only way to catch it early.  So many women don't know and we to spread the word to our sisters so that less people will go through what my Aunt did.  So, to do my part I created a Facebook event and invited my friends, who invited their friends, and so on.  As of 8:53 pm today 95 people have joined the event!  The love and gratitude I feel in my heart is overwhelming!  We are a sisterhood and we can make a difference!!

Some chose to post pictures of their lovely tootsies, and I will now share them with you.  This is going to be a picture heavy post, but it is for a good cause!

Kristi M.  This has my favorite saying for this month too!

Laura D. painted her fingers a lovely dark teal.

Jennifer B. painted her toes for her sister, who is in remission.

Maren H.

Emma B. and her 9 year old.  Before she went into surgery and the polish had to come off they made sure to snap a pic of their matching toes.

Esther M. painted her toes in memory of her mother, Ida, who passed away from ovarian cancer in October 2006.

Erika D. lost her Mom and Grandma to Ovarian cancer.

Katie U. and her daughter.

Emma B. has a lovely frosted teal.

Paige W.  I personally love this color and the picture in general.

Tatton B. shows his support!

From Karen E.  She said she has pink hair extensions for breast Cancer Awareness and Teal Toes for Ovarian.

Ashley S.  Her husband bought her the polish.  He has good taste!

Stacey H.'s Mom lost her battle.  Her three year old daughter couldn't keep the teal polish, on so they went with a glitter polish with teal tints. 

Ariel H. has the perfect mermaid teal!

More from Emma B.!

Randi L. and her gorgeous tootsies!

Christina C. and her vacation teal.

My Mom's Toes for her sister with her favorite flower in the same color.

My sister pretty tootsies!

Laura P. and her little one.  I am not going to lie, the children's pictures warm my heart like no other.

Andrea S. and her young one's toes.

Jan H. and her dog Pippa.

Darshan T. sported her teal toes on vacation too.

Jillian S. went fancy and gorgeous!

These ladies had a birthday party and sported some lovely shades of teal.  Barb M., Deborah K., Crystal A., Amy P., Jennifer S., Holly J., and Linda R.

Stacey W. love the sparkle!

Deena E. is honoring her friends at Chemo Crew.

As I went through all these pictures and the comments I was amazed.  There is so much love and support in ten nails.  We are a global family and we can love and support each other.  In every challenge we have we should never forget that we are not alone.  We have each other.  Be a shoulder for others and don't be afraid to ask for a shoulder when you need it.  You are worth love.  Nothing you could ever do would take that away!

If more post, then I will add them here.



  1. Turned out BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for putting all this together. It was great to see!

    1. Thank YOU for adding your feet to the mix! It really means a lot to me!

  2. Emma B. & Jillian S. get my vote, beautiful toes!!