September 3, 2014

Don't Let Awareness Fade

Okay, this is what I did last night and I am really rather proud of it!  The design is based on one by Nail Polish Anon.  I saw it on a Pintrest board and had to try it myself.  Luckily I had teal loose glitter in my stash. . .

Ovarian Cancer Awarenss

So I used Julep Lissa, Essie Where's My Chauffer?, and Nina Ultra Pro French White.

Ovarian Cancer Awarenss

To help with cleanup I used a technique that has been going around on the web for a little while.  You use Elmer's Glue around the nail and a little farther up your finger (I tried to find the original person, but there are so many.  Google it if you need clarification).  After I sponged my design and everything dried I just peeled off the glue for clean-up!  This made it so much easier to do this technique and I am much more likely to do gradients in the future!  (In fact I have an idea for later. . .)

Ovarian Cancer Awarenss

This is what it looks like in the shade.

Ovarian Cancer Awarenss

I really love this design!  Remember to spread awareness for Ovarian Cancer!  Be aware of the symptoms as there is no screening test for it.  You have to be proactive and aware of your body.


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