October 9, 2012

In between manicure. . .

I hated having those ghosts on my nails.  It weirded me out when I would see them out of the corner of my eye.  No, they didn't scare me, but because there was such a contrast between the light and dark colors I thought my nails were chipping.  I HATE it when my polish starts to chip and so I always take it off when even one starts to go.  So I took it off and decided to just do this lovely orange I got on clearance from Sally's.  Orly Crush On You is really pretty, but ever so very sheer.  I only paid two bucks for it, whatcha gonna do?  It took three coats and I could still see a visible nail line.  At the same time as had bought COY I also bought China Glaze Glitter Goblin.

I thought I would just cover the nail and then I had the brilliant idea to do a glitter gradient.  I LOVE IT!  It looks so classy and yet still very festive.  The problem is I could get my camera to focus on it.  I lucked out with ONE decent shot, but all the others were completely blurry.  My guess is the glitter wigged it out.  So here is one good shot and two not too bad shots (really they are better than the rest).

 Not in the sun, just for a reference.  I also thought I would get a better focus, alas that didn't work.  Isn't that a gorgeous orange though!


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