October 7, 2012


Today's theme is ghost.  I scoured Google looking for some inspiration.  Nothing really caught my eye and I was not coming up with anything on my own.  I did find this blogger's post and I liked the different faces, so I decide to try my hand at it.  It seemed rather easy, but that was deceptive.  I have come to realize I have small nails, and this design did not do as well on them as I hoped.  However I am still happy with it.

I used Finger Paints Paper Mâchè, China Glaze Bizarre Blurple (from their new Halloween line Wicked, Eeep!), Wet N' Wild Hip (?), and China Glaze Liquid Leather.  I also used China Glaze Ghoulish Glow, but I forgot to add it to this picture.  Plus I didn't get a picture of the ghosts glowing, because I couldn't figure out my camera.  Which makes me sad because you could see their faces in the glow.

What do you think?  Not too bad.  I am still learning, but I also know it could be better.

I really like the faces.  My ring finger looks like he is laughing and my pinkie looks forced serious.  I also like the half smile on my middle finger.  Too much fun!

An inside shot just for refrence.

Check out all the other talented participants.  I love looking through the photos.  Also, it is not too late to join, wink, wink, nudge, nudge. . .



  1. Replies
    1. Aw! Thanks! I like your Beetlejuice!

  2. I think they're really cute! I like your blog :D You're new like me too!

    1. Yep, new like a shiny copper penny. :)

  3. Super cute! Can't wait to see your Jack-O-lanterns!!!