October 30, 2012


The Final challenge is to recreate another participants art.  There are so many amazing manicures to choose from it was really hard to choose.  I believe I mentioned that I like graveyards, so I decided to recreate

Paper Mâchè
and Meet Me At The Met.  MYATM is a gorgeous gun metal gray.  Then I used China Glaze First Mate.  The white seemed a bit to stark for me, so I tried to tone it down with Sinful Dare.  I guess that is an old color, but it was given to me.  It doesn't really show up, but hey I tried

First Mate photographed a bit brighter than it is in person.

My thumb all by its lonesome.

This photo was outside, but in the shade.

I really had so much fun doing this.  I think it was a good way to dip my toe into the realm of challenges.  I am also so very inspired by all the other talented participants.  Thank you for letting me join your ranks.