October 5, 2012


Today We are supposed to post a water marble.  I am not that great at water marble.  In fact I did one version last night and then re-did it this afternoon.  So, I decided to add a little monster to it.  I am really happy with him and the water marble.  I love the colors and the simplicity of it.

I used China Glaze Recycle, Tree Hugger, Liquid Leather, and Finger Paints Paper MachèCG Recycle is used in the eye.  I know it is such a tiny amount, but I thought I should put it there.

A close up of my thumb.  I think this one looks the best.  The scar is homage to Herman Munster.  I don't think either of them could ever possibly be scary.

The previous version of water marbling.  This version also had China Glaze White on White and Zombie Zest.  I like the simpler version a bit better.  What do you think?


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