December 22, 2012

31 Nail Art Challenge Take Two Day 22: Gradient

Today we have Gradients and I am sure you know by now that I am writing some of these from the past. . . Ooooooo. . .   Actually it would probably be cooler/spookier if it was from the future, but The Doc and I are still working out the kinks in his flux capacitor.

To the point!  Today is my first day on my cruise and I am sure I am loving every minute of it (does this feel odd to anyone else?), so to celebrate my tropical Christmas I bring you tropical gradient.

Ta-da!  I have done something similar before.  Actually this is kind of a mani I did on myself and a pedicure I did on my Mom smooshed together.  Perhaps someday I will blog those pictures.  Anyways, I used my favorite orange.  Not just because of the gorgeous color but also the name makes me smile uncontrollably, Finger Paints Circus PeanutsPolish Ninja has an excellent swatch of this if you are interested.  I also used China Glaze Sugar High, Happy Go Lucky, and Concrete Catwalk.

The thumb has a lone palm tree.  It is very dessert island.  All you need is Wilson.

A few more shots with the last one being of my right hand.  I know, it is just the gradient, but when I did this I had a hard day at work and I didn't want to possibly get more frustrated then I already was.  That was also why I chose to do the design when I did so I had a happy reminder of what was to come.

Bon Voyage all!  When I speak to you from the present I will be tan, happy, relaxed, and raving about Belieze!

The other talented participants will change you for the better if you let them!


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