December 18, 2012

31 Nail Art Challenge Take Two Day 18: A Song

The song I was inspired by I also did a photo montage too a while back.  So you understand the design, here is that video.

So I have done the monarch butterfly design before and I thought I would do it again, althought with different colors.  If you would like to do this design too, as it is rather popular and I never fail to get complements when I do it just google it.  There are a lot of tutorials out in the webverse.  My favorite is from cutepolish, but honestly you should look around at different tutorials.  I find doing that gives you different tips that might work better for you then another person's.

I really like the colors I used.  It looks more romantic and subdued as well.  China Glaze Angle Wings is amazing, as I have told you before, in fact this was the design I had intended the previous time I mentioned it.

So all the colors I used were China Glaze Angel Wings, Dress Me Up, and  Urban-Night.

This is a good design to do with your non-dominant hand.  It has to be precise, but there are not a lot of details, so it is easier to take your time and still not get frustrated.  Just remember it takes practice.  I am still practicing myself and have a lot to learn.  But, I love doing this and practicing is doing it.

A few more pictures. . .

The other participants beautiful music should not be missed!