December 17, 2012

31 Nail Art Challenge Take Two Day 17: Match Your Outfit

Let me tell you a little story.  Once upon a time a girl meets another girl.  This second girl owns the most amazing shoes.  They are not like any other shoes the first girl had ever seen before.   They were pink, which normally the first girl doesn't like, sparkly, and converse.  Well, both girls become friends, best friends even with a feeling almost like sisters.  The second girl lets the first girl borrow these amazing shoes anytime she would like since they are roommates now and are the same small foot size.  Well the second girl leaves and goes to Scotland for a year and half and tells the first girl to watch over her wonderful shoes until one day she will return again.  First girl loved these shoes, but tried not wear them too often for fear of them being ruined and the second girl being sad when she saw them again.  Second girls came home and took the shoes and lost them and first girl still loves second girl, but she misses the shoes terribly.

In homage to these wonder of wonder shoes, I give you pink, sparkly, converse nails.

First girl loves these nails, but not as much as the shoes.  However she did cry a little when they were removed so a new manicure could take their place.

I used Finger Paints Hue Left A Message?, China Glaze Concrete Catwalk, Millennium, and White-On-White.

The thumb all by its lonesome.  It needs a mate.

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did and "first girl" did.  All the other lovely ladies' outfits are swinging!


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