December 9, 2012

31 Nail Art Challenge Take Two Day 9: Your Location

I had a really hard time with this prompt.  I took this to mean inspired by the city I live it.  Well, my city isn't very remarkable, plus I really didn't want to say exactly where I live.  My real name in extremely un-common and then to say where I live would make finding me a cinch for any crazies that might be out there.  I am talking about you, yes you!  Anyways. . . like I was saying unremarkable city.  It is a city and is a bit large.  Eventually I turned to its history.  There are a lot of little towns surrounding it and with the history you will understand why.  My city was a hub for farming communities.  People would bring their crops here so they could send them out on train to other places to be sold.  This still is the case to some extent and so our city is littered with trains and their tracks.

The idea of doing trains seemed rather hard and I didn't want to, so I just did the tracks.

I sponged and layered colors to get the green ground and then used a thin brush for the tracks.  I decided to paint them all in different directions to make a little visually interesting.  This really isn't my favorite manicure I've done, but I did it and with every new challenge comes a new set of skills.  I am having a lot of fun with this!

Okay, so the colors were. . . China Glaze Desert Sun, Gaga For Green, Westside Warrior, Holly-Day, Hook and Line, and Chocodisiac.

The other participants are sure to take you away with their designs!