December 28, 2012

31 Nail Art Challenge Take Two Day 28: Education

Today's them is education.  I thought about doing pencils or paper (I had done that one before and thought I could do it better. . .).  I saw some cute chalkboard nails. . . but honestly I wasn't excited about anything, until I saw someone do a design that was specific to their education.  I don't remember who it was or even what they did, but they did inspire me to my education.  I was a theater major in college and did a lot of musical theater.  I have been in choirs since I was in 4th grade and have been taking voice lessons since I was a sophomore in high school.  Music has been my eduction for a long time.

I thought I had a sheet music stamp, but I didn't.  I did have Cheeky plate CH31 which I stamped with  Orly Mysterious Curse.  The background color is China Glaze Sweet Hook with Snow Globe over the top to give it all some sparkle.  Then I did the stamp.

My thumb all alone.  I had fun using the sheet music as a prop and background.  Heehee, it was easy to pull from my collection.

All the other designers are sure to teach you a trick or two.



  1. Cute! Music's been a big part of my education too, I learnt piano for over 10 years :)

    1. Thanks! Do you still play? You have a lot of creativity!