December 11, 2012

12 Days of Christmas: Holiday Movie

I honestly did not know what to do for this challenge.  Every idea I had seemed beyond my capabilities.  So I decided to turn to my friends and asked for their ideas.  Several suggested the leg lamp from The Christmas Story.  Truth be told I don't like that movie, I think it is a bit too. . .  Well, I better not say for fear of offending those who love it.  But they suggested it and I could see how to do it in my head and I thought it would work.  AND it did!

I realized after I took the photo that I forgot the fringe.  Opps.  Sorry.  I also now realize it is rather hard to take a picture of a manicure like this because all your fingers have to line up correctly and I am relying on someone else to the get shot.  Hence there is only one picture.  I used Mash plate m57 for the fish net in China Glaze Liquid Leather and then I used OPI Schnapps Out Of It for the shade and mixed it with Dutch 'Ya Love OPI for the outlining and detail.

I hope you like my interpretation and don't forget to check out everyone else's!



  1. Nice job! And I won't comment on your lack of love for this movie...we all have our quirks (tee hee)

  2. I don't like this movie so much myself, so no worries.

  3. The only part of this movie that I liked was when they said "you'll shoot your eye out" haha. This is a good manicure! Very creative :D

    1. Thank you! I think the only part I liked was when the little kid couldn't put his arms down.