December 25, 2012

Two nail challenges in one!

Christmas time is here,
Happiness and cheer,
Fun for all that children call,
Their favorite time of year.

Christmas means a lot to me.  Family, religion, traditions; these are a few of the words I associate with this joyful day.  My list of Christmas memories and feelings could fill up this blog, but it is about nail art so I will spare you from that.  One thing though, my first nail art was Christmas themed.  In fact it was Santa hats.  I thought about redoing it and seeing how I have improved, but I saw this design by and I just had to give it a try.  I figured lets expand my repertoire and keep it close to the original.  Plus, this was I can also use the design for both challenges!

I am thinking I should give up on Santa hats.  I do like this, but I am just not as happy with it as I would like to be.  Ah, well the circle of life isn't always pretty.

I used Finger Paints Paper Mâchè, China Glaze Fast Track, and Hey Sailor.  I love Fast Track!  It is this golden-shimmery nude.  So pretty.  You do get visible nail line even after two coats, but vnl never bothered me.

My thumb close-up came out blurry, which is sad since my thumb looks the best, so you will have to make due with this shot.

I know it wasn't a complete fail, but I still wish it was a bit better.

Merry Christmas Charlie Brown



  1. cute!!! Love the Santa hat design and the colors used. Perfect for this season. Love it! Great work!

  2. Merry christmas! =))These looks really cute, I like the idea of the santa hats!