September 23, 2014

Tape and Dots!

What do you call this design?  Anybody?  I really have no idea.  The original nail artist, I Feel Polished, used coral and turquoise colors and said it was inspired by Native American jewelry.  I changed up the colors, and now I don't know what it reminds me of. . .

What I did want and did was try and combine Ovarian and Breast cancer colors.  My Aunt passed away from Ovarian cancer last year and my Nana overcame Breast cancer in 1997 (I think).  They are both a part of me and both causes I feel passionate about.  So combining them was definitely something I wanted to do this month.

This only took three colors, some tape (okay a lot of tape) and a dotting tool.  The Julep Plie Wand was my tool.  I own the attachments and the striper brush helped with cleaning up the lines.  On my right hand, which you don't see, I used their dotting tool, but I need a finer dot so I used a different tool for the left hand.

The colors were Julep Tin Man (which I am bummed that the holographic wasn't captured in the pictures), Lissa, and Reese.  I love the color of Resse, but it is a pain and a half to work with.  It is chunky and I need to try and thin it out a bit.

Wow!  I really blabbed about this design.  Sorry about that. . .I hope you all like it though.