July 17, 2014

Painting The Roses Red

Hi.  Ummm. . . I haven't seen you for a while.  How is it going?  Anything new?  Me?  I'm doing okay.  I have been a bit busy, and have been enjoying my summer break.  One of the joys of working in education is summer break.  I have been doing nail art still and taking pictures, the blogging about it seems to be where I get stuck.  I am not going to claim a renewed vigor on my part, but I do want to try and blog again.  Plus I am just so proud of how this turned out that I had to share it.

So the design idea came from @lovessweetas.  It is almost an exact copy, but it is so cute I couldn't pass it up!  The main difference is I used black crystals and she used clear.  I don't have clear, but I do like the edge the black ones give the design.

The colors used were China Glaze Liquid Leather, Nina Ultra Pro French White, Julep Emerald City, and Tamara.

I am in love with Julep right now.  I really like their colors and being a Maven makes things very conveniant.  I also am rather impressed with their customer service.  I added a box to my monthly box and they sent the wrong one.  I called them up and they refunded me what I had payed for the extra box (due to it being out of stock now) and said I could keep what was sent by mistake!  So awesome!

The reason I bring up Julep is I used the Plie Wand to apply my polishes and to do the roses.  Can I say that thing is awesome!  It is a must for anyone who loves doing nail art!  *Shamless plug almost over* If you are thinking about becoming a Maven, click my link on the left and it will take you straight there and give me a little credit for recommending you.  Okay, I am done.  And for your patience, one last picture.

I hope you like the design as much as I do.  I love this hobby!


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