March 30, 2014

C'est La Vie

Another Sunday another stamping challenge from the Adventures In Stamping Facebook group.  Today's challenge is to combine another nail art technique with stamping.  I decided to do the water marble technique I used earlier this month.

I am not as happy with the marbling this time around and I blame China Glaze Pink-ie Promise.  It spread out really well, too well actually, and left some thin spots which tended to break.  Oh well, you win some, you loose some.

The other colors I used were China Glaze Life Is Rosy, Nina Ultra Pro French White, Julpep Andrea, and Gianna.  The stamps are Winstonia W114 and Bundle Monster BM-419.

From a distance and conceptually I like the design.  It is a twist on the Paris manicures people have been doing for a while, I just wish the marbling had turned out better, oh and that my thumb nail had royally been broken.  Ouch!


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