March 15, 2014

Go n-ithe an tochas thú

Today's Irish expletive means, "May you be eaten by the itch!"  I can see how that would be down right scary!

I love water marbling.  I mean honestly, the effect is gorgeous!  The only problem is the mess and my lack of skill at getting my finger in just the right spot.  So when I saw this tutorial on how to make water marble decal stickers by Sonal Sagaraya I HAD to give it a try!  And let me say, I am in love!  This was so much easier and less messy!  Also there is a lot less nail polish waste.

I used three colors for this design Julep Courtney, China Glaze Def Defying, and Holly-Day.  I also was able to get all 10 nail done with two stickers.  That really is less polish wasted!

Sorry about all the pictures.  What can I say, I am in love with this technique!  You will most assuredly be seeing more water marbling from me.  I think I may want to try a pattern soon. . .


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