March 3, 2013

Sunday Stamping: Dots and more dots

Today the theme set forth by Adventures In Stamping had me combining stamping with dotting tools.  This weekend has been a brief glimpse into spring and so I decided to wish a little harder for it with my manicure.

China Glaze Keep Calm, Paint On

This is supposed to be indicative of cherry blossoms.  While I don't know if it looks a lot like them it still is feminine and sweet.  I used China Glaze White-On-White, Chocodisiac, Keep Calm, Paint On, and Life Is Rosy.  The stamp was Wintsonia W112.

China Glaze Life Is Rosy

I achieved the flowers by putting a drop of WOW and LIR on a piece of paper an swirling them together in the middle.  I used that swirled middle section to dot with.  I love the look of KCPO, but it bubbled on me.  I think that was my fault though.  I don't think I waited long enough between coats.  I got a little impatient to get my vision on my nails.

China Glaze Chocodisiac

I love my thumb too!

Cherry Blossom

Just so you know I do my right hand too.  The dry winter weather and moving has done a number on my hands.  I need to be more vigilant with the moisturizing!


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