February 28, 2013

An Experiment. . .

In the midst of painting, repairing, and making my house a home I had on my nails for a week these Incoco On The Dot Tips.

I got them in my Little Black Bag.  It was my first LBB and my first nail polish strips.  Basically a lot of firsts.  I have never tried nail strips before, because there was never anything that really caught my eye, the price tag seemed too steep, and I like changing up my nails too often.

I left these on for a week and I only took it off because I wanted something new.  They held up nicely and they might be the reason I didn't have any nail breaks.  However, when I put them on they had a harsh line and looked like stickers.  I dipped a brush in acetone and softened the edges, but the still looked like stickers to me.

They also curled up on the edges, but if I put a top coat on it, they laid down.  The product totted that I just needed to apply them and I would be done, so do the extra steps a bit annoying.  Also, removal was a beast!  They were so hard to get off!

I don't think I would ever buy them again, unless I was on vacation or something where I couldn't change my nail polish willy nilly.  They are pretty and did a great job holding up.  They also are easy to apply.  But the cost and my need to change my polish will make my next time using them distant.  Although, I did get two sets in my box. . .


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