January 5, 2014

Favorite Flower

It is the magical time of the week we in the nail art community call Sunday Stamping.  It has been some time since I participated in this blessed day, but I will try to get on with the festivities!

So, today's challenge is favorite flower.  My favorite flower is a sweet pea, but I don't have a stamp that even remotely resembles one.  So I decide on the hibiscus.  This flower reminds me of my old childhood home in southern California where they grew in the front yard.  We had red ones, but I always thought the white ones were lovelier, plus red would not have gone with this color scheme!

To achieve the gradient French manicure I sponged Nina Ultra Pro French White, Essie Need A Vacation, and OPI Sparrow Me The Drama onto my nails.  Then smoothed them out with Julep Shoshanna.  The stamp is Bundle Monster BM-313 stamped with Konad Special White.

My thumb with its sad little chip in the polish.  I framed a picture before I took this picture.  Grrr!

This is definitely a very girly manicure and will be removed rather soon.  I like the effect, but this is just too much pink!  There is something to be said with how a French manicure makes your nails and fingers look longer.


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