September 18, 2012

Everyone has to start somewhere

So. . . I have been doing nail art since December of last year.  I did little Santa hats.  I had seen videos and other pictures online and never thought I could do it.  Well, I had the colors and it looked pretty simple and from there the addiction grew.  I have been teaching myself through watching videos and reading tutorials.  I have been inspired by other designers.  I have been posting my pictures on my facebook page and have had friends request me to do their nails.  I am still a beginner and still learning, but I love it and thought maybe it was time to take the next step.  So here I am and posting one of my latest creations.  I just did my nails today, but have yet to take a picture.  After I do that tomorrow I will post those.

My left hand.  The stars came in two sizes and so I played with the large size on my pinkie nail.  I don't like it there.

For now I will show you a night sky with a tree line.  My sister actually came up with the idea and did a design herself.  She then asked me to show her my take on it.  I didn't want to hand draw the stars or stamp them, so I scoured my hometown for small star shaped glitter.  I bought a few of them, but settled on a gold holographic by Artclub.  This was my first experience with placing individual glitter not in a polish.  I used China Glaze Midtown Magic for the night sky.  I didn't want to use a typical black and I didn't have a blue I liked.  I saw this gorgeous purple with gold flecks and thought it was different and cool.  Unfortunatly it photographed more brown, but trust me it is purple.  I then tore a make-up sponge and applied China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint.   I knew I needed a lighter color to make the medium green stand out against the dark purple.  The pale green seemed like a better option than white as it would blend better.  I then sponged China Glaze Gaga For Green over that with a light sponging of China Glaze Holly-Day to give it some texture and depth.  I am really quite proud of this because although the idea was my sister's the execution came from my own brain and looked completely different than hers.

A closer shot of my right hand.  It is not easy photographing your own dominant hand. . . Just sayin'.

My sister's original version.  My addiction hobby is contagious.

Now, how should I close this. . . perhaps. . .

Fitz out!

I don't know if I like that. . . We shall see.

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