September 19, 2012

Why are there so many songs about rainbows?

If you can tell me what song the tittle of the post is from you get a gold star in heaven.  (You can't guess if you are a family member because if you don't know I will disown you.)
I co-worker said I was bringing her back to the 70s

So I am really happy with how this turned out.  I had the idea when I bought the glitter polish I used over it, Wet n' Wild Tonight's Going To Be A Good Night.  I am not a fan of Wn'W, but it was too cool not to buy and at an AWESOME price.  I mean Black Glitter!  Who does that?  Anyways, when I bought it I kept thinking what I would put it over and there a lot of colors it would look cool with and then it hit me.  A rainbow!  YES!  I thought I would sponge it on like you do with gradients (a technique I am just recently fiddling with), but with all the colors I wanted to use I wasn't sure I could get it quite right, so I decided to paint each individual line.  Yep hand paint every line, even with my non-dominant hand.  I didn't realize the task I undertook, till I was done, but it is definitely worth it.  I am so pleased!  After I finished I did remember seeing something similar on Chalkboard Nails, but mine does look different.

Thumb is the loneliest number

 I used China Glaze Hey Sailor, Happy Go Lucky, Gaga For Green, Finger Paints Orange You In Love?, and Essie Mezmerised.  Good times!  I think the blue might be a bit too dark, but it still makes my heart happy.  How can you not smile during the day when you look at a rainbow on your hands?

Indoor lighting

The close-up

I hope you all like it!

Fitz Out!

I still have yet to come up with anything better.  Any suggestions?

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