November 16, 2012

Blue gold!

I while back I received several polishes from a friend.  They were all ones that she and her daughter no longer use and she thought I might like them.  I figured a free way to feed my addiction hobby was a good thing and so kindly thanked her for the wondeful gift.  As I went throught them there were a couple of OPI polishes and one day I was bored and thought I would look up one of them online and see what other people had done with it.  You can't imagine my shock to learn that OPI DS Glamour was a highly sought after color.

It really is a very pretty blurple duo chrome.  This pictures do not do it justice.  I couldn't leave it completly alone so after a couple of days of wear time I decided to add the clouds in Finger Paints Paper Mâchè and China Glaze Electric Beat.  I really like the subtle accent nail, that way you don't miss out on the gorgeous color.

I am so grateful for the gift and I intended to use the colors as often as I can, which I do use them from time to time.  Usually if it is Cover Girl it came from this gifted stash.


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