November 8, 2012

New colors to play with!

I went to Ulta for the first time and spent a little money.  Hey, I got payed to babysit and I wanted to use the extra money for some OPI polishes which are a rare expensive treat for me.  I wasn't sure that I would really buy anything, but then I saw Dutch 'Ya Just Love OPI and it was all over!  I was in love!  Then I saw Don't Talk Bach To Me and thought they were kind of cool together.  That one led me to Schnapps Out Of It!.  I liked the color, but the name did me in.  I don't drink due to personal beliefs, but I couldn't stop chuckling over that one.  Sometimes the names are just as awesome as the colors, am I right?  So I decided to play with my two initial finds.

I wanted to do some stamping, but nothing was really popping out at me, so I went online for some inspiration and saw some matte French tip manis and decided to give it a try.  (Talk about a run on sentence!  Where is that editor when I need her?  Editor. . . wait. . . what?)

I really like it.  It is subtle and shows off the colors rather well in my opinion. 

I tried to do one of those cool side pictures, but it didn't work out as nicely as others. . .

Well, I hope you like my play time!


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