June 1, 2013

Cool glitter and butterflies

I have to tell you that although I am unsure of how I feel about this manicure I love the glitter I used for the gradient.  I am just not sure I used it the best way I could have. . .

So, today's Sunday Stamping is all about butterflies. . . and dragonflies.  But I don't have a dragonfly stamp, so we will stick with butterflies.

So the butterfly is from Winstonia W112 plate.  I started with China Glaze Kinetic Candy (one of my favorite light blues) and then tried to do a glitter gradient with Sally Hansen Fuzz-Sea.  I think I glopped the glitter too much on the tips, but I love this glitter.  It is so unique and stands out in my collection.  I want to find another manicure for it and I will.

I almost forgot, the polish I stamped the butterflies in is  Nabi Flamingo.  It does a decent stamp, I just with you could see how it sparkles in the photos, but alas they are just photos.  If only we lived in Harry Potter world and the pictures would move a bit. . .

I think I might have to get the other glitters in this collection.  Now where to get the money. . .