June 30, 2013

Who says glitter has to be shiny?

Let me start this post with this piece of information.  I have drooled over Floam nail polish for a very long time, but it is hard to spend so much on a single bottle of polish.  Granted I spent eight dollars on a bottle of Butter London, but it was on sale.  I mean Butter London for eight dollars?  Who would pass that up?  So when I saw a post (I am sorry I can't remember who's) about Salon Perfect Kaboom I began stalking my local Walmart.  And then I saw it!

I immediately bought it and the only other one they had at the time from that collection, Shocked.

Since I don't have Floam, I can't say how close it is, but The PolishAholic has an excellent swatch of it.  I really love it and want to get the other polishes in this collection.  I just have to wait for a bit more cash.  (Curse you reduced wages of summer school!!)  Well, I thought I would do a swatch for you, so I hope you enjoy the rest of these pictures!


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