June 5, 2013

Summer Sun

You may recall a previous post using Del Sol's nail polish.  If you don't know about it, their polish changes color in the sun.  My previous manicure using it had a the difficult challenge of changing in winter sun.  Well summer is here and I got some inspiration and I am in love!

I love how in the shade the manicure is subtle and classy.  It kind of reminds me of bridal nails.  However, once the sun hits it the manicure changes to a daring and fun.

I used Del Sol Ruby Slipper and Konad Special White.  The stamp was Gals Plate GA29.  RS is a silver glitter in a clear base in the shade and then a reddish pink with red glitter in the sun.

This manicure makes me excited for the summer, maybe not the heat, but more time and a bit more of a relaxed lazy feel.  One of the nice things about working for a school is summers off.  I am working summer school, but at least that is only five hours a day.

This last picture was me playing around.  I decided to see what would happen if I put my hand under water to take the picture.  The result being is you can see the red glitter shimmer better.

Well, here is to summer and the adventures it holds!


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