June 14, 2013

Yellow and Purple make. . . Well brown if you mix them, that would be gross. . .

Well hello!  Today is a lovely full of. . . sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows. . . Is that too cheerful for you?  Me too actually.  I am sitting at home waiting for the next phase in my life to begin.  I got a new job and just completed training yesterday.  However, I don't start the job until August so. . . Yeah, waiting. . .

In the meantime I have anew manicure!  Actually I did this a week ago and I haven't had a moment to blog about it, so here we go!

I am sorry, I am in a strange mood.  I will try to be more serious now.  I did this for Sunday Stamping and the prompt was complementary colors of a color wheel.  I really like purple and yellow together and I got this new metallic purple.  I was so excited!  I thought I would do a soft yellow with some curly design, very subtle and then BAM! a big purple skull on my accent finger!  Well, the polish didn't stamp and I have some serious trouble with the skull stamp. . . so I did another purple and a bow (which looks red in these pictures, but I swear it is purple!). . . Not as awesome as I planned. . .  Oh well.

So, I used China Glaze Lemon Fizz, Urban Night, Konad Special White, and Special Gold.  The plates were  Bundle Monster BM-317 and Gals GA44

I still think it is really pretty and it has held up rather well (I am still wearing it and there is hardly any tip wear).

Well,  I best be going before I say something embarrassing. . .


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