October 15, 2014

Be Sure to Bring Your Death Certificate

Have you realized I love Halloween yet?  You haven't?  Can't you read between the lines?

So for the Bundle Monster Halloween Nail Art Challenge I did this. . .

The challenge is Trick-or-Treat and the best part of Halloween is being scared. . . and costumes. . . The best thing about Halloween is costumes and being scared.  Okay, so, that means that this manicure is meant to be scary.  Boo!  Did I get you?

I think I might a bit tired, so that me be why this post it bit all over the place. . .

Back to the manicure!!   I used Julep Mary Lee, Maybeline Color Show Clearly Spotted, China Glaze Millennium, and Konad Special Black.  The nail stamping plates were Betina B-19, Bundle Monster BM-413, and BM-H07.

I hope you didn't mind my weird post and you liked the manni!


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