February 1, 2014

February Julep Maven

Modern Beauty Box

I have for you this months Julep Maven box.  I got the Modern Beauty Box again.  I really wanted the gel eyeliner because of a tip I found on Youtube.  I have issues with my right eyelashes curling, they don't.  My left curls amazingly well where as my right eye is a dud.  Go figure!  There were other things I wanted, so I figured this was the best way to do it.

Eye Sheen Liquid Eyeshadow, Ink Gel Eyeliner, and Angled Liner Brush

The basic box is Eye Sheen Liquid Eyeshadow, I chose Dusty Taupe, and Ink Gel Eyeliner along with the Angled Liner Brush

Eye Sheen Liquid Eyeshadow in Dusty Taupe

I am going to start with ESLE (for short) in Dust Taupe.  I use Bare Minerals, primarily, for my makeup and have not been overly interested in trying other brands.  I am rather a loyal customer to them, so I wasn't overly interested in this product and picked a rather neutral color.  That being said I was pleasantly surprised.  The application is rather easy as is the build ability.  I liked it and figure it is a great product for trips when you are trying to reduce your make-up bag or you have little time in the morning and need to do something quick.  Will I buy the other colors?  Probably not, unless they go on sale for a really good price.

Ink Gel Eyeliner

So that trick with the Gel eyeliner is awesome!  It totally works!  My only issue is over the course of the day I do end up with makeup residue at the bottom of my eye.  I am not sure how to fix that, it is the product or my eye. . . Till then I am going to continue doing it, the way I am.  As far as how the product is intended to be used?  I like it.  I have never used gel eyeliner before and it seems to go on smoothly and is easy to get the look you are after with.  I also really like the brush.  I love a good angled liner brush and this one is small and controllable.

I added two nail colors and then one was included when with your Maven order.  So I added Kristen and  Roc Solid with Love included as a Valentine gift.

First off I want to apologize for my hands.  The winter weather has not been kind to them and I am a bit embarrassed to be posting these swatches.  I am trying a new product since these pictures were taken and I am seeing improvement and it has only been one day.

Julep Love

Julep Love

Love is a really interesting glitter and is not like anything I currently have.  It is a baby pink/gold micro glitter with tiny fuchsia glitters.  It is lovely and the pictures really don't do it justice.  This is two coats, and you can see a a bit of visible NL, but I really don't mind it.  This was also one of the easiest glitters to remove.  It came right off!

Julep Kristen

Julep Kristen

Kristen is a bit deceiving in the bottle.  The pictures on Julep's site make it look teal and I am always on the look out for a pretty/new teal.  When I opened my box I thought, "That looks nothing like the website."  So I took pictures and then applied it to my nails and thought, "That looks nothing like the bottle."  It is kind of like a deep dark teal with tiny hints of silver glitter, but even that is quite right. . . Whatever you want to
say, it is a gorgeous color!  This is one coat on my nails, but be warned it does stain a bit.

Julep Roc Solid

When I fist applied Roc Solid I thought it was a jelly, then I thought it was sheer.  Now I am not sure which one is right. I don't think I could do a jelly sandwich with this, but it is extremely shiny.  It is kind of in the middle of the two categories.  This is three coats.  The other problem I had with this polish is the color.  Here it looks like a gray blue/green and when outside this is what it looked like, but inside it looks dark khaki green.  I am not sure I am in love with the color and kind of regret buying it.  I want to see if a jelly sandwich works with and maybe eventually I will grow to love it.

The last thing in my box I didn't take a picture of so I will use their photo.

This is the Party's Over Glitter Nail Polish Remover.  This came to me seperatly and I have yet to try it.  I am wearing glitter today, so I am hoping to take it out for a test spin and will let you know how it goes with an update.


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