February 13, 2014

Valetine Stripes

I bought a couple new colors at Sally's Beauty Supply the other day and this design immediately popped into my head.  And I love it!!

First of all I must apologize for the shape of my hands.  A dry winter will do that to them.  I am using a new product that seems to be helping, although I started it after these photos were taken.  The new colors I bought are Finger Paints Minimalistic Mauve and Sculpted Carnation.  Then I accented designs with Nina Ultra Pro French White and the accent finger is Julep Love over FW.

I feel like I got back to my roots doing this all free hand. I am really proud of those stripes.  They are a bit shaky, especially when you look at them super up close, but they look really cute.  My right hand was pretty good too, although I didn't snap a picture of them.

Soft and feminine with a touch of quirk.  I really love this design!