February 23, 2014

I hope you find this design a-peeling!

Q: What is yellow on the inside and green on the outside? 
A: A banana dressed up as a cucumber!

Today's Sunday Stamping challenge is plates that end in the number 2.  For some reason I had this plate in my head and really wanted to do something with the banana image.  So when I went through my collection of plates and saw that Cheeky CH42 did in fact end in a two I knew it was kismet!

I used the stamp decal technique to basically create my own sticker for the bananas.   I really like how they turned out.  They are very bright and and stand out nicely on the blue background.  The polishes I used were Konad Special White, Special Black, China Glaze Sunshine Pop, Essie Butler Please, and Beyond Cozy.

I am not sure how I feel about the yummy nails, I think it was better before I stamped those nails, but that was my design concept and I stuck to it.

I really do love this design.  It is fun and whimsical.  Not to mention bright and eye catching!  I hope you all like it too!


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